1. Air Waves – EP
2. Dominant Legs – Ryan Lynchs Album EP
3. Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind EP
4. Suckers – Suckers EP
5. Memory Cassette – Rewind While Sleepy EP
6. Delorean – Aryton Senna EP
7. Sleigh Bells – Demo
8. Small Black – Small Black EP
9. Rainbow Arabia – Kabukimono EP
10. CFCF – Panesian Nights EP

11. Salem – Water EP
12. The Drums – EP
13. VEGA – Well Known Pleasures EP
14. Class Actress – Journal Of Ardency EP
15. Real Estate – Reality EP
16. Pearl Harbor – Something About the Chaparrals EP
17. Best Coast – Demos II / Where the Boys Are EP
18. Tanlines – Demo
19. Felix Cartal – Skeleton EP
20. The Girls At Dawn – Demo

21. Young Coyotes – Basement EP
22. The Bitters – Wooden Glove 12’’
23. Norse Horse – Demo
24. Deradoorian – Mind Raft EP
25. Toro y Moi – demos / Left Alone at Night EP
26. Washed Out – Life Of Leisure EP
27. Cast Spells – Bright Works and Baton EP
28. Netherfriends – Calling You Out EP
29. Forest Swords – Fjree Feather EP
30. The Mayfair Set – Young One EP

31. Dead Mellotron – Ghost Light Constellation EP
32. Feadz – People, Numbers, Money, Business EP
33. Dinosaur Pile Up – Best EP In The World EP
34. Banjo or Freakout – Upside Down EP
35. Dum Dum Girls – Self Titled EP / Captured Tracks 12’’
36. Fluffy Lumbers – The Police Cruisers EP
37. Moon Duo – Killing Time / Love On the Sea EP
38. Gentle Friendly – Night Tapes EP
39. Girls – Live at KDHX / Life in San Francisco 7”
40. Mesita – No Worries EP

41. VoicesVoices – Sounds Outside EP
42. Vibes – Psychic EP / You God It CS
43. Golden Triangles – 12’’
44. Woods – Sunlit EP
45. Prefuse 73 – The Forest of Oversensitivity EP
46. The Golden Filter – Demos
47. Au – Versions
48. Flossin – Serpents EP
49. Abe Vigoda – Reviver EP
50. Universal Studios Florida – EP


“We will admit to a bit of heightened curiosity about the ever-curious lo-fi, alt-folk, slightly loony “master of the idiotically cosmic” (Rolling Stone) Devendra Banhart. The few months of dating Natalie Portman, the new signing to major label Warner Brothers, the bizarre photo spreads…well, we’re in hippie-meets-hipster Devendra-land where just about anything is possible. Banhart’s seventh album What Will We Be arrives next week (October 27) and follows up his remarkable 2007 project Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon, a disc that The Boston Globe described as a “trippy collection (that) spans Brazilian Tropicalia, ’60s psychedelia, classic rock, blissed-out pop, gospel…a ridiculous range of styles, but one that works under Banhart’s expansive, expressive umbrella.”

Recorded at a makeshift home-studio in California with Banhart and Paul Butler (Band of Bees) producing, What Will We Be features backup from Noah Georgeson (guitar and vocals), Greg Rogove (percussion), Luckey Remington (bass and vocals), and Rodrigo Amarante (guitar and vocals). Alternately hazy and dazy, the curiously affecting What Will We Be could be more aptly titled What Will Be Will Be as Banhart and crew careen from one style (and musical decade) to another, from Spanish lullaby to trippy folk to doo-wop chorus to piano bar sing-a-longs to ramshackle, 60’s rustic folk/rock all delivered with Banhart’s quavering croon in tow.” -press release


Devendra Banhart – What Will We Be (2009)

fuck you pitchfork ratings, who could give the new weezer a 4.5 and this a 4…? fucking corporate idiots… this owns, y2k+ Weezyer blows and retroactively almost ruins pinkerton for me…

cass mccombs

“Cass McCombs works quietly. Over the course of three full-lengths and five years, McCombs has quickly slipped in and out of scenes, skipping from one major American city to the next like he owed stacks of cash in every one. He’s played with folk, grafting bedroom pop flourishes to sonic skeletons just strong enough to support them. He swam through 1980s Brit jangle and deep chasms of reverb. No matter how much mileage he accrued, one constant held firm: His lyrical shell games often kept listeners at arm’s length, regardless of how well-crafted and inviting his melodies were. McCombs’ songs were addictively opaque– easy to hear, tough to digest, and even more difficult to describe to your friends over beers.

…on Catacombs, his fourth full-length and most stripped-down effort to date, the singer-songwriter steps out from behind the curtain that’s cloaked his work in the past. And despite the sparser arrangements and increased focus on direct lyricism, it’s every bit as aurally hypnotic as his previous work. It seems like he realized there was someone he really did want to sing to. ” -p4k review


“2009 beach-pop was about texture and haze, with artists like Washed Out, Best Coast, and many others spreading lo-fi gauze on otherwise upbeat pop ditties to conjure that sense of sunny abandon that comes with being at the ocean.

You could lump Brooklyn two-piece the Drums in the same category (their upcoming EP is entitled Summertime!) if their approach wasn’t so different from such acts– crystal clear by comparison– and refreshingly devoid of obscuration. With its bright, sparkling melodies, “I Felt Stupid”, a track that doesn’t appear on Summertime!, is a good example of the group’s unabashed pop. Displaying a clear love of new wave and synth-pop, the song bounces along with a giddy energy that plays off its melancholic lyrical content, which addresses the lost love of many summers ago (“Your arms around me seemed to be the only good thing that ever happened to me,” singer Jonathan Pierce laments). But the track is so danceable that it’s hard to worry much about his heartbreak. When the Drums mention the coast (“We can take a walk now, down the to beach… where we’re finally free”), it’s only in passing, more of an idea than a destination, and it seems to drive home the feeling that this music isn’t just for one season of the year.” – p4k track review

animals as leaders
” The heavy metal record label Prosthetic Records saw (eight-string) gutiarist of Reflux, Tobin Abasi’s guitar work and asked him to create a solo album for them. Abasi initially declined, feeling such an endeavor would be “egotistical and unnecessary”. When Reflux disbanded, Abasi decided to take the label’s offer. The name Animals as Leaders was inspired by Daniel Quinn’s 1992 novel Ishmael, which addresses anthropocentrism. Abasi coined the name as a reminder “that we’re all essentially animals”.

The project’s first album, Animals as Leaders, was recorded in early 2008. Abasi recorded all guitar and bass tracks on the album; drums and various synthesized effects were programmed by engineer Misha Mansoor. The album was released April 28, 2009 by Prosthetic Records. ”

“Scandinavian disco kings Hans-Peter Lindstrm and Prins Thomas are set to release the follow up to their widely acclaimed eponymous debut this year.

The duo have had quite a journey since the release of their debut three years ago, with Thomas completing countless remixes and seeing his Full Pupp stable go from strength to strength, whilst Lindstrom went on to release his solo cosmic disco opus, Where I Go You Go Too. Both of them have been busy in the studio together during their time back in Oslo, and the fruits of their labour are now finally ready for release.

Whilst Lindstrom has always been one for using live instrumentation in the studio, Thomas’ gradual shift into using more and more live elements in his solo work has meant that their second collaborative album, entitled II, has a much looser, anic feel than the first record. The original intent stands, however, as they merge their italo, Krautrock and disco influences into a lush singular whole, imbuing them with their characteristically warm production sheen. Released just in time for summer, it looks as if the Nordic duo are looking to compete for part of your personal sunshine soundtrack this year.” -pressrelease


“Brooklyn-via-Providence duo Javelin, who mention being influenced by junk shops, flea markets, endless loop tapes, regional dance music, local partying, and New Edition.” -stereogum

“[Jamz n Jemz]…a CD-R they’ve been distributing at gigs, is flecked with brilliant little vignettes– almost every one a gem, many of them certifiable jams– that argue for the notion of a million little pieces coming together to make something much larger / …never letting their listener get too close to an idea or a groove for very long.” p4k

JAVELIN: A new addition to David Byrne’s Luaka Bop label. “Sounds range from broken dance jams to relaxed instrumental cut-ups, created with love on their MPCs. Long forgotten samples are chopped and re-assembled with drums, wooden recorders, old keyboards, handmade thumb pianos or whatever instruments are readily at hand. The result is a kind of mix tape fantasy (residing in the mythical “dollar bins of the future”), where R & B impresarios, amateur booty bass producers and Andean flautists hold equal sway.” OUR STAGE


“Like Vampire Weekend, Princeton toys with nominally African and Caribbean figures in its indie rock, adding brightness and velocity. But Princeton — Jesse and Matt Kivel, soft-cheeked identical twins who trade off guitar and bass, as well as lead vocals; the keyboardist Ben Usen; and the drummer David Kitz — isn’t nearly as uppity as its reference points, or its colleagues. The band’s debut album, “Cocoon of Love” (Kanine), which will be released this month, is charming and frisky, with touches of the Cure and Leonard Cohen, and even some shoegaze pop.” -nytimes.com

“Stacks of herbal tea, a glow-in-the-dark monument, paperback writers, the Wall Street Journal, a departing Mercedes, The Metamorphosis, a series of Cambridge-commissioned paintings, video arcades, graffiti, and a cyclist on the Autobahn all figure prominently into Princeton’s musical sketches.” Princeton is now engaged in a massive tour alongside Ra Ra Riot, Maps and Atlases” -pressrelease

riyl : vampire weekend, ra ra riot, throw me the statue, chairlift
genres i made up : tweedpop, pretensh-rock, ivy league lit-pop