danceable / pop hooks
“Boy Crisis is a “Brooklyn buzz band.” They are well-liked in the blogosphere. They are hip and marketable to several youthy demographics. They have “crossover appeal.” They have an “ethnic band member.” Boy Crisis is a semi-cosmic cultural entity. Their spaced-out vibe is totally tubular. They are the conundrum of masculinity and youth. They are a limited liability corporation.”

Boy Crisis – L’Homme EP (2009)


“…subtle psychedelia from San Francisco’s Girls. “Hellhole Ratrace” sounds like a gentle romp through a giant field of poppies à la Wizard of Oz, and seriously what’s better than rolling around in a haze of opiates in a crazy dreamworld? The resounding lyric of “I don’t want to cry my whole life through/I want to do some laughing too” makes Girls’ shoegaze revelry even more poignant.” -rcrd lbl

“The songs shine with brilliant arrangements that layer echoed vocals and reverbed guitars”