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Pictureplane is best known for his great remix of Health’s “Lost Time” from their Health/Disco remix record.

“Having cut his teeth on killer remixes for Crystal Castles, HEALTH, and Thieves Like Us, and worked with Beirut’s Zach Condon, Pictureplane’s debut album is the anthemic and otherworldlyTurquoise Trail. Grimy synths, broken beats, and bucolic vocals collide somewhere between early 90s house music and the gnarly soundscapes of Black Dice to forge a sound that’s wholly unique and endlessly exciting. Markour words: Pictureplane is going to destroy dancefloors in 2009. It begins here.”

” Pictureplane, named the “Best One Man Band of Denver” by the Westword last year, is the work of art student/Rhinoceropolis resident Travis Egedy. For a few years now he’s been making blasting beats with keyboards and samples that lie under his remarkably sincere vocals. His music is full of tremendous energy and emotion. One track on “Turqoise Trail” features Beirut’s Zach Condon, who shares a homestate of New Mexico with Travis. This is Pictureplane’s second album and it’s all about travelling to the “turqoise dimension.” ”


“Atlantas’ most talked about acts in the vibrant punk, pop and experimental music scene… These women are real deal feminists, armed with a brash and irreverent sense of humor… Simply put The Coathangers get the party started. They say what they want to say, do what they want to do, and they write songs because they want to have fun… The group s manic pep rally chants morph into the sneering caterwauls of Tonya Harding over simple and powerful rhythmic plods…” -amazon

“The Coathangers keep the back-alley post-punk party going strong on a scratchy, shrieky, foul-mouthed sophomore album, Scramble, their first for Seattle-based Suicide Squeeze.” -p4k

Meredith Franco (bass/vocals) i think i ❤ u… sorry for uploadin ur album, dont let the tall one beat me up…

[link silenced by suicidesqueeze]
The Coathangers – Scramble (Suicide Squeeze, 2009)


“The San Francisco six-piece’s self-titled debut full-length album, strikes a balance between the psych-fried blur of the California sun and an amp-crackling, four-chorded garage basher.”

“Coming from San Francisco’s Castle Face Records (home to Ty Segall, John Dwyer/Oh Sees, and more), it’s gotta be gritty. Thus the few examples of aimless garage rock, though evocative, don’t pack much punch. The real moments of bliss on this debut, and there are many, skew toward tuneful, demented pop, recalling Lou Reed, Roky Erickson, and retro contemporaries like Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti.” –

“…the sound is deceptively sweet when you listen to the lyrics about shady friends, nuclear disasters, and demons in your head. Taking influence from acts ranging from 13th Floor Elevators to Tall Dwarfs and Swell Maps, the band’s lo-fi, lysergic sound is haunting, crossing borders between folk, garage, and slanted pop”

viraemia logo
Genre: Technical Death Grind/Mathcore
holy shit this cd is insane, it totally helps me blow off steam after a day at the office or bullshiting around on campus with fckn cuntry music fggts… turn them shits up… the track “necrotizing facilitis” has an insane breakdown…

sounds like – Psyopus / See You Next Tuesday / Beneath the Massacre / pure auditory insanity


“Greg Fox initiated his solo project, GDFX, so that he could “have an opportunity to experiment outside of all the other projects that I’ve been involved with.” Apparently he had a lot of spare time to kill, what with playing in Liturgy, Teeth Mountain, Family of Love and Dan Deacon’s touring ensemble, and running the record label Infinite Limbs.”

“GDFX sees Greg step away from the drum kit and take a stab at twisting knobs. Filled with integrity, we’re actually fond of his work as GDFX because of it’s pop-sensibilities. Much like our friend Dan Friel — although with heavier nod to the 8-bit gods — Greg’s hob-knobbery (like that one?) is filled with plenty of catchy hooks.”

riyl – Dan Friel, Adventure, sick chiptune beats and pop hooks

“Huoratron (“Whore-a-tron”) is the alias of up and coming Helsinki-based Finnish musician Aku Raski when making techno music live on stage by blending electroclash with 8-bit and a sturdy bass. He first gained attention in the autumn of 2007 when his track $$ Troopers gained some popularity mainly through the popular music blog Discodust” -wiki

“Busy with his latest EP release, “Huoratron: $$ Troopers“, Huoratron wants to ‘RULE THEM ALL’. With looks quite similiar to that of a Roman gladiator – bearded face, matching physique and music that pounds, he very well could rule them all. His commanding beats get into your system like the good drugs your Doc has prescribed and of course leave you yearning for more. If you’ve got an ounce of love for techno, you’ll find a fresh input from Huoratron.”

riyl – taking your senses to another dimension, fake blood, crystal castles, adventure

best hits

“Have you ever wondered what would happen if High Places and Dan Deacon had a love child?”
“We first heard Best Hits at a show on April at New York’s Cake Shop where they played alongside fellow freak, dance-electronic outfit dANA. A three-piece (two guys, one girl), Best Hits take the calypso-meets-jungle aesthetic of High Places and adds the increasingly popular 8-bit acid house glitch to create something that is equally at home in both the noise/avant continuum and a straight up glo-stick waving dance party.”

“And just for the record, Best Hits really are a band I am starting to expect to hear many more great things from. The album they’re currently working on promises to be an excellent blend of tape hiss, glitched-up electronics, and, uh, reggaeton. I’m very optimistic.” -Impose Magazine

boy 8bit
“Folks have been clamoring for the aptly titled “Suspense Is Killing Me” from London’s Boy 8-Bit since big name DJs started spinning it advance style late last year. Now the Boy is signed with Mad Decent — label head Diplo called him “the most unique sounding club music out right now”… Backed with the shuddering, trance-flavored Bmore of “Bulbs Burn Out” and infectious bump of “The Cricket Scores,” plus a speaker-rattling “Suspense” remix from Drop The Lime, this one is, as they say, a no brainer. Recommended.”

“Boy 8-bit; a young and upcoming producer famous for his infectious “bleep” electro-styled tracks inspired by the computer games of old.”

experimental noise / spazz-pop duo

-myspace quotes…
“They have a unique brand of psychedelic-flavored catchiness, amidst the fuzzed-out and whirling experimentation”

“Songs shift from quick successive explosions of sound to repetitive melodic choruses continually producing violent swings between consonance and dissonance. There is always a great synergy between the instruments”

“it’s beautiful, chaotic, and energetic all at the same time”