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animals as leaders
” The heavy metal record label Prosthetic Records saw (eight-string) gutiarist of Reflux, Tobin Abasi’s guitar work and asked him to create a solo album for them. Abasi initially declined, feeling such an endeavor would be “egotistical and unnecessary”. When Reflux disbanded, Abasi decided to take the label’s offer. The name Animals as Leaders was inspired by Daniel Quinn’s 1992 novel Ishmael, which addresses anthropocentrism. Abasi coined the name as a reminder “that we’re all essentially animals”.

The project’s first album, Animals as Leaders, was recorded in early 2008. Abasi recorded all guitar and bass tracks on the album; drums and various synthesized effects were programmed by engineer Misha Mansoor. The album was released April 28, 2009 by Prosthetic Records. ”


“… is an American avant-garde metal band from Shreveport, Louisiana, formed in 2007. Their musical style is considered experimental metal due to their use of frequent genre changes within songs, including jazz, swing, and electronica, but primarily metalcore. They have released one EP and one full-length album, and have toured with Winds of Plague, The Human Abstract, Sea of Treachery, and See You Next Tuesday.” -wikipedia

“…the spastic blending of genres maintains a cohesive sound that draws in listeners from many musical worlds. Love it or hate it – as long as they get a strong reaction to their music, the members of this band will feel that they have done their duty.”

“The IWABO overall aesthetic is all things radical. They are heading in down a trail they are blazing themselves – with twists and turns of their own creation. Due to their powerful live show and commitment to making sure every single fan knows how much they are truly appreciated, the more people who are exposed to the IWABO experience, the more new fans they will amass.” – century media records


forceful tribal drumming + end-of-days guitar shredding : huge walls of guitar-and-drum noise / scorched landscape / androgynous vocals / intricate synth patterns / brutal freakouts / / everything is fucked so it’s best we just rage until the sun comes up… post-apocalyptic nihilistic sound

viraemia logo
Genre: Technical Death Grind/Mathcore
holy shit this cd is insane, it totally helps me blow off steam after a day at the office or bullshiting around on campus with fckn cuntry music fggts… turn them shits up… the track “necrotizing facilitis” has an insane breakdown…

sounds like – Psyopus / See You Next Tuesday / Beneath the Massacre / pure auditory insanity


“Thy Art is Murder have been making a name for themselves in and around the Sydney music scene with their live performances. / …technical precision / sharpened death metal riffs / and plenty of skill shown in the way the band can continually chop and change tempo at any chosen moment.”

riyl – suicide silence / white chapel / next big deathcore trendsetters

Instrumental | Melodic DeathCore | Progressive Metal –
Influences: Weed.Alcohol.Sweeps.
can someone please explain why this is so amazing? and why I am completely addicted to these 3 songs?

it seems to be the freshest metal I have ever heard – completely original, instrumental, crawling breakdowns, pummeling guitar tones, complex rhythmic 360’s, furious riffage, blastbeat overload…

riyl – instrumental deathcore focused around amazing breakdowns, veil of maya, after the burial.

Crypts – Demo (2008)

“Explosive. Frenetic. Visceral. Complex. Out of control. Noise, Noise and More Noise EP is a fitting debut launch by Warcon Records, a mere preview of what is to come from this ear splitting, genreshattering group.”

Duck Duck Goose, a five piece band from Barstow CA. Bringing to the table a whole new style of music, experimenting with different styles and sounds. Hardcore/metal/thrash/dance/pop/western/swing/jazz you name it. DDG is always thinking of new ideas, ways to turn heads, writing music that will keep you interested the whole time.

sounds like heavy heavy low low / number twelve / see you next tuesday / daughters

“The Number Twelve Looks Like You subscribe to the Mr. Bungle school of songwriting, in which jump cuts betwixt grindcore and screamo, jazz and death metal, classical and hardcore are not only welcome but preferred. If the New Jersey band’s incoherent last album Mongrel is any indication, the title of its fourth, Worse Than Alone, may be unintentionally prophetic — a messy jumble of genres is certainly worse than just one by itself. But producer Steve Evetts (Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die) knows his way around a multi-farious album, and the new tracks “Glory Kingdom” and “Marvin’s Jungle,” both released on The Number Twelve Looks Like You’s MySpace page in advance of the album release, are mighty promising.”

The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Worse Than Alone (2009)

here is their debut album, one of my all time favorites –
screamo / mathcore / experimental / grindcore / progressive / brutal / epic… need i say more?
Put On Your Rosy Red Glasses (2003)