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1. Air Waves – EP
2. Dominant Legs – Ryan Lynchs Album EP
3. Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind EP
4. Suckers – Suckers EP
5. Memory Cassette – Rewind While Sleepy EP
6. Delorean – Aryton Senna EP
7. Sleigh Bells – Demo
8. Small Black – Small Black EP
9. Rainbow Arabia – Kabukimono EP
10. CFCF – Panesian Nights EP

11. Salem – Water EP
12. The Drums – EP
13. VEGA – Well Known Pleasures EP
14. Class Actress – Journal Of Ardency EP
15. Real Estate – Reality EP
16. Pearl Harbor – Something About the Chaparrals EP
17. Best Coast – Demos II / Where the Boys Are EP
18. Tanlines – Demo
19. Felix Cartal – Skeleton EP
20. The Girls At Dawn – Demo

21. Young Coyotes – Basement EP
22. The Bitters – Wooden Glove 12’’
23. Norse Horse – Demo
24. Deradoorian – Mind Raft EP
25. Toro y Moi – demos / Left Alone at Night EP
26. Washed Out – Life Of Leisure EP
27. Cast Spells – Bright Works and Baton EP
28. Netherfriends – Calling You Out EP
29. Forest Swords – Fjree Feather EP
30. The Mayfair Set – Young One EP

31. Dead Mellotron – Ghost Light Constellation EP
32. Feadz – People, Numbers, Money, Business EP
33. Dinosaur Pile Up – Best EP In The World EP
34. Banjo or Freakout – Upside Down EP
35. Dum Dum Girls – Self Titled EP / Captured Tracks 12’’
36. Fluffy Lumbers – The Police Cruisers EP
37. Moon Duo – Killing Time / Love On the Sea EP
38. Gentle Friendly – Night Tapes EP
39. Girls – Live at KDHX / Life in San Francisco 7”
40. Mesita – No Worries EP

41. VoicesVoices – Sounds Outside EP
42. Vibes – Psychic EP / You God It CS
43. Golden Triangles – 12’’
44. Woods – Sunlit EP
45. Prefuse 73 – The Forest of Oversensitivity EP
46. The Golden Filter – Demos
47. Au – Versions
48. Flossin – Serpents EP
49. Abe Vigoda – Reviver EP
50. Universal Studios Florida – EP


“…This week, UK-based videogame music netlabel Pterodactyl Squad released The 8-bit Album, a chiptune tribute to geek rock darlings Weezer. Fourteen tracks strong and featuring everything from the straight-ahead electronica of Videogame Orchestra’s “Islands in the Sun (Belmont’s Revisal)” to the chipped-up power pop of I Fight Dragon’s take on “Why Bother,” The 8-bit Album is both a heartfelt tribute to Cuomo and company and a veritable who’s who of the bitpop scene itself. Better yet: it’s free!

Do you remember that dream you had, where the sound chips from the beloved games consoles of your youth all got together and formed a Weezer tribute band? Yeah? No? OK. That dream is about to come true whether you had it or not.

The songs on this compilation have mostly been created using original videogame hardware running home-brew software, and vary radically in style, from minimal ‘one man and his Game Boy’ compositions to 8-bit inspired full band performances. Pterodactyl Squad proudly presents the music of Weezer as you have never heard it before.” –


“catchy and poppy math rock / Hangin’ Nothin’ But Our Hands Down is a parallel universe of film noir, circuses, and vaudeville shows. It’s a soap opera for the intelligent ear. Each song has a charm and mystery of its own, embodied in catchy lyrics, foot tapping drums, quirky riffs, stumbling bass lines and spazzing vocals. Harnessed with interesting time signatures and engaging shifts in tempo, the album has variety and vigor. / A picture painted in paranoia, and manic ups and downs, the third song “Lots of Brass” is one of my favorites. Bass and drums drive the Nurses sound, and bellow strongly in this song. “Wait for a Safe Sign” is an engaging and experimental journey with a strong vocal hook. Each song is a single in itself, but the album as a whole is most impressive. A beautiful piece of work for a first attempt.” (rating:91%)

” anachronistic horror-show pop… combination of glitzy cabaret theatrics with a Middle American upbringing… set of eccentricities to justify an otherwise grandiose, ambitious sound… vaudevillian/sharp-edged rock sensibility/minor-key riffs/Southern Gothic macabre acoustic closer” -p4k-isms

“Portland’s Nurses are what I’d like to call pop rock mavericks (not the Palin kind though). Why? Well their debut LP Apple’s Acre has all the makings of a great pop record – innovative lyrics, melody, and of course the hooks and catchiness. But instead of putting these songs together with the standard instruments and ideas, they traverse every road, genre, mood, world, night, day, life, and death to arrive at their new form of stunning pop rock.” / “…tends to lean towards the rustic dance around the yard folk pop tribal explosion of a sound.” –

riyl: Blood Brothers / Q&NotU / Maps&Atlases / Young Coyotes / Moros Eros / Oh No Oh My


“Within days of Alternative Press including Censored Colors on its list of 10 Essential Albums of 2008, the members of Portugal. The Man were trudging through the Boston snow to start work on their fourth release in four years, The Satanic Satanist. As John Baldwin Gourley, named the year’s Best Vocalist in that same issue of AP, explains the pace at which his band has turned out any number of the decade’s more inspired moments, “Honestly, I think we should be putting out more music. It keeps you thinking, keeps you growing and progressing. If you stop and let it sit for too long, I feel like you start to lose track of where you were going.”

For 2008’s Censored Colors, Portugal. The Man spent two weeks in Seattle with their friends in Kay Kay and the Weathered Underground making an album Gourley says he wrote in tribute to the music of a youth spent tuned to oldies radio as his parents drove around Alaska. One of his earliest musical memories, finding a tape of Abbey Road in a box of his parents’ cassettes, resulted in Censored Colors’ second side where all the songs are strung together in an epic suite.

For The Satanic Satanist, Gourley and his bandmates – Zachary Scott Carothers/bass, and Ryan Neighbors/keyboards, and the drummer for the album, Garrett Lunceford – flew to Boston’s Camp Street Studios to work with Paul Q. Kolderie, whose previous clients include both the Pixies and Radiohead, with additional production help from Adam Taylor (The Lemonheads, The Dresdon Dolls) and Cornershop sitarist/keyboardist Anthony Saffery.

“People Say,” the lead-off track, finds Gourley speaking out against the human cost of war. On “Lovers in Love,” the band works the groove like Isaac Hayes or Curtis Mayfield in their blaxploitation days, while “Work All Day” could pass for ?uestlove slowing down the beat to “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise).” The Satanic Satanist also finds them working more with loops and samples than they have since their 2006 debut.” – press release

harlem free drugs
hometown: covered in bbq sauce in austin texas / influences: the only band we like is nirvana. the only album we like is nevermind. the only song we like is smells like teen spirit.

some of Austins’ finest homegrown, catchy-as-fuck garage rock / lofi indie rocknroll… in the future everyone will enjoy Free Drugs…

“…iiiii think you’re beautiful and very smart.”


“François Virot’s Yes or No is a laid-back-yet-tense-in-every-way piece of mostly-acoustic glory. His voice is at once breathy and full of life, a rare quality usually reserved for the well-established indie masterminds. It’s as if it’s everywhere at once, the words are distinguishable but somehow last for longer than you expect.

He doesn’t really ever “strum” his guitar, rather he opts to simply smash it with his artsy French hands. Maybe that’s a trendy new European thing. It takes on an unnatural crunch in its tone, like a glass of cold water from a rusted sink. Likewise, his percussion is of the found-variety: handclaps, stomping, hitting his guitar with a soft mallet, it’s all fair game. You’ll find the nearly-twee drumming on every beat, far enough in the background for it to be out of your mind, but just loud enough to carry the rhythm.”


“Here’s the timeless record for 2009. Electric studio (mostly) recordings from Philadelphia’s Constant Hitmaker. New fans of his last CD will cry into their pillows and accuse him of selling out the bedroom rock scene. The initiated few will know he’s been doing it for years – plugging in with a full on rock band called the Violators and gigging in all corners of Philly. With baritone guitar/bassist Adam Granduciel, rodeo slide and fuzz guitar from Jesse Turbo, and perfect percussion from Mike Zeng, the Violators are Kurt’s Crazy Horse, slugging it out with him when he feels like playing with a full band. Oddly pleasant singing, in-the-red fingerpicking, twisting swells of feedback, totally POUNDING drums, and Krautlike-zen fill both sides of this record. Loud and proud, The Hunchback EP looks right filed next to your Neil, Faust, and Spacemen 3 records.”


Ungdomskulen – Bisexual (2009)

Ungdomskulen – Cry Baby (2007)


Ungdomskulen – 7″ Trilogy (2005)