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1. Air Waves – EP
2. Dominant Legs – Ryan Lynchs Album EP
3. Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind EP
4. Suckers – Suckers EP
5. Memory Cassette – Rewind While Sleepy EP
6. Delorean – Aryton Senna EP
7. Sleigh Bells – Demo
8. Small Black – Small Black EP
9. Rainbow Arabia – Kabukimono EP
10. CFCF – Panesian Nights EP

11. Salem – Water EP
12. The Drums – EP
13. VEGA – Well Known Pleasures EP
14. Class Actress – Journal Of Ardency EP
15. Real Estate – Reality EP
16. Pearl Harbor – Something About the Chaparrals EP
17. Best Coast – Demos II / Where the Boys Are EP
18. Tanlines – Demo
19. Felix Cartal – Skeleton EP
20. The Girls At Dawn – Demo

21. Young Coyotes – Basement EP
22. The Bitters – Wooden Glove 12’’
23. Norse Horse – Demo
24. Deradoorian – Mind Raft EP
25. Toro y Moi – demos / Left Alone at Night EP
26. Washed Out – Life Of Leisure EP
27. Cast Spells – Bright Works and Baton EP
28. Netherfriends – Calling You Out EP
29. Forest Swords – Fjree Feather EP
30. The Mayfair Set – Young One EP

31. Dead Mellotron – Ghost Light Constellation EP
32. Feadz – People, Numbers, Money, Business EP
33. Dinosaur Pile Up – Best EP In The World EP
34. Banjo or Freakout – Upside Down EP
35. Dum Dum Girls – Self Titled EP / Captured Tracks 12’’
36. Fluffy Lumbers – The Police Cruisers EP
37. Moon Duo – Killing Time / Love On the Sea EP
38. Gentle Friendly – Night Tapes EP
39. Girls – Live at KDHX / Life in San Francisco 7”
40. Mesita – No Worries EP

41. VoicesVoices – Sounds Outside EP
42. Vibes – Psychic EP / You God It CS
43. Golden Triangles – 12’’
44. Woods – Sunlit EP
45. Prefuse 73 – The Forest of Oversensitivity EP
46. The Golden Filter – Demos
47. Au – Versions
48. Flossin – Serpents EP
49. Abe Vigoda – Reviver EP
50. Universal Studios Florida – EP



The first EP from ?JeSTEr?, an Italian trio born in 2007 from ashes of ElfoGuelfo and TallGuy, already toured Italy and followed several stoner-rock bands in USA and Europe during 2008. Offering a unique indie-rock sound which embraces psychedelic atmospheres, bold heavy distorted bass guitar lines, catchy and powerful vocals,garage-punk to sludge, they are one of the most original and creative bands on the Italian scene. 

viraemia logo
Genre: Technical Death Grind/Mathcore
holy shit this cd is insane, it totally helps me blow off steam after a day at the office or bullshiting around on campus with fckn cuntry music fggts… turn them shits up… the track “necrotizing facilitis” has an insane breakdown…

sounds like – Psyopus / See You Next Tuesday / Beneath the Massacre / pure auditory insanity


“Greg Fox initiated his solo project, GDFX, so that he could “have an opportunity to experiment outside of all the other projects that I’ve been involved with.” Apparently he had a lot of spare time to kill, what with playing in Liturgy, Teeth Mountain, Family of Love and Dan Deacon’s touring ensemble, and running the record label Infinite Limbs.”

“GDFX sees Greg step away from the drum kit and take a stab at twisting knobs. Filled with integrity, we’re actually fond of his work as GDFX because of it’s pop-sensibilities. Much like our friend Dan Friel — although with heavier nod to the 8-bit gods — Greg’s hob-knobbery (like that one?) is filled with plenty of catchy hooks.”

riyl – Dan Friel, Adventure, sick chiptune beats and pop hooks

boy 8bit
“Folks have been clamoring for the aptly titled “Suspense Is Killing Me” from London’s Boy 8-Bit since big name DJs started spinning it advance style late last year. Now the Boy is signed with Mad Decent — label head Diplo called him “the most unique sounding club music out right now”… Backed with the shuddering, trance-flavored Bmore of “Bulbs Burn Out” and infectious bump of “The Cricket Scores,” plus a speaker-rattling “Suspense” remix from Drop The Lime, this one is, as they say, a no brainer. Recommended.”

“Boy 8-bit; a young and upcoming producer famous for his infectious “bleep” electro-styled tracks inspired by the computer games of old.”

experimental noise / spazz-pop duo

-myspace quotes…
“They have a unique brand of psychedelic-flavored catchiness, amidst the fuzzed-out and whirling experimentation”

“Songs shift from quick successive explosions of sound to repetitive melodic choruses continually producing violent swings between consonance and dissonance. There is always a great synergy between the instruments”

“it’s beautiful, chaotic, and energetic all at the same time”

“New York indie rock quartet who have been garnering a significant amount of buzz from various blogs and publications, including Spin… / post-punk, indie rock, and 90’s alternative…” -absolutepunk

“…like Pavement and Sebadoh before them, craft melodic rock music over plaintive, poetic lyrics. “Golden”, is a patchwork of stuttering basslines and heavy, country-twinged guitars that recall all that great ‘90s alternative rock without sounding nostalgic.” -rcrd lbl
Bear Hands – Golden EP (2008)


“Thy Art is Murder have been making a name for themselves in and around the Sydney music scene with their live performances. / …technical precision / sharpened death metal riffs / and plenty of skill shown in the way the band can continually chop and change tempo at any chosen moment.”

riyl – suicide silence / white chapel / next big deathcore trendsetters

danceable / pop hooks
“Boy Crisis is a “Brooklyn buzz band.” They are well-liked in the blogosphere. They are hip and marketable to several youthy demographics. They have “crossover appeal.” They have an “ethnic band member.” Boy Crisis is a semi-cosmic cultural entity. Their spaced-out vibe is totally tubular. They are the conundrum of masculinity and youth. They are a limited liability corporation.”

Boy Crisis – L’Homme EP (2009)


“…subtle psychedelia from San Francisco’s Girls. “Hellhole Ratrace” sounds like a gentle romp through a giant field of poppies à la Wizard of Oz, and seriously what’s better than rolling around in a haze of opiates in a crazy dreamworld? The resounding lyric of “I don’t want to cry my whole life through/I want to do some laughing too” makes Girls’ shoegaze revelry even more poignant.” -rcrd lbl

“The songs shine with brilliant arrangements that layer echoed vocals and reverbed guitars”

“Best New Band – Young Coyotes has been around for less than a year. In that short time, however, the act has released two EPs, embarked on several cross-country tours, recorded a Daytrotter session, been hailed on numerous blogs and attracted a high-powered manager… Why all the fuss? That’s easy: The music, which is sparse but fiery and melodic, like Akron/Family channeling the best moments of the Shins with the vitality and conviction of Arcade Fire.” -Denver Press

“dynamic and rhythmic qualities of Animal Collective with some Shins-style vocals… / warm, melodic chants… / Structurally, Basement is fairly standard pop. However, the focus on heavy drum beats and clever hooks put it on a different level. Only 17 minutes in length, Basement is a solid, interesting, and fun EP”