Tried to amplify the sound of Light and Love

Participate or Masturbate

You’re halfway to fully grown
You’ve got a real good shot
You’ve got so much inside
Let it come right out

I wanna be original, I wanna be surrounded by art
But everything is digital, the formulas are fallin’ apart

i wanna expose the lies
but i also have to survive
i wanna do what’s right
but i just dont have the time

communicate telepathically to my best friends-
im ready to transfer
to the fourth density
new brain production
new frequencies of manipulation
sacred knowledge

Woke up this morning with an ache in my head
I splashed on my clothes as I spilled out of bed
I opened the window to listen to the news
But all I heard was the Establishment’s Blues

This system’s gonna fall soon, to an angry young tune
And that’s a concrete cold fact

There is a mountain of snow, up past the big glen
We have a castle enclosed, there is a fountain
Out of the fountain flows gold, into a huge hand
That hand is held by a bear who had a sick band
I hope in my heart that we on a whole
will die and the earth be left alone
just beast and bee and fish and tree
this hope I wish will someday be
that bacteria will have ate our remains
that all knowledge of us has decayed
our burden raised the world set free
the earth returns to land and sea
our buildings burned and highways gone
I love my friends and everyone
but we’ve had our chance let’s move aside
let time wash us out with the tide

I am here. I am here. I am Fucking Here.

“free share, no violence// say NO to copyright, NO to agro music bros, NO to grassroots capitalism, NO to limited edition fetish, NO to lmt edt’d krautpsychfuzzpsyche. death to the cult of genius+beauty. tear down the boys-only music club. !! ffree is easyy/ easy is fun. copyright is boring violence of+against minds. copy/use/steal/share/burn/decompose/dissemble/eat/profanatize/de-sanitize.”