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French Noise Rock / Groovy Distorted Instrumental Jams / Obscure, AnCo-sounding Francois Virot side project / Lightning Bolt / Pterodactyl

“This band has an intense sound using the keyboard (Amelie Lambert) as the melodic digital force, chaotic /psychotic drums and frenetic electric bass (Charles Virot) relying heavily on distortion. Clara Clara plays hypnotic jams with occasional moments of sing along type phrasing. The sound is explosive, erupting with rhythms and very loud distortion. The crowd moved in a trance like motion of ecstasy until the last song, leaving a sweaty musty residue in the garage cocoon, to get some oxygen.” – french translation?

“Angular, dueling guitar melodies dance around manic, start-stop rhythms and are crowned by the earnest, pushed-to-the-breaking-point vocals of frontman Ryan Schaeffer. Or whatever. They have been compared to Modest Mouse, TV on the Radio, Architecture in Helsinki, etc” -Insound

I am hung up/ completely addicted to this album… i guess im a sucker for angular guitars, reminds me of moros eros, so many dynamos, and a bit of tv on the radio…

sprawling / dreamy / psychedelic and pop-oriented songs

“Instrumental sound waves permeate throughout Spirit Spine’s latest CD. It is a mix of electronica and indie rock, similar to Animal Collective, with soft vocals laid over its psychedelic beats. The music plays as if it were concocted at the bottom of a well, a little stuffy and complex, but nonetheless interesting and upbeat.” – Indiana University Student Broadcasting

96kbps-rips… shouldn’t matter when its lo-fi…

Modern Riff Heavy Garage Punk

“Real-deal rock music’s been so hard for bands to pull off lately without winking or sounding like complete turds in a time machine, but not Cheeseburger. They get it. They just do. Huge riffs, amazing vocals and insane fun. AC/DC and the Stooges are apt comparisons, but somehow these references feel a bit pedestrian, because beyond all the throwback riffing, this record still manages to feel modern, which is a real feat. They are funny, but far from a joke…” – CMJ New Music Monthly

“This Brooklyn trio’s debut updates the ragtag punk rock of the Stooges with plenty of irony. Guitarist Christy Karacas and drummer Luke Crotty play sloppily on purpose, and frontman Joe Bradley howls about cocaine and easy girls so ferociously you want to give him a glass of water. Crass, foul and politically incorrect? That’s the point.” – Rolling Stone

Brooklyn / Noise-Rock / Post-Punk / Raw Lo-fi / Experimental Pop / Spastic Garage Stoner Jam Band

“Hyper-rhythmic, skull-cracking hard post-punk trio, playing with laser-guided precision, telegraphing impossible changes, it’s as if someone plugged these guys into the nearest available wall socket and flipped the on switch. Lightning Bolt is somewhat of an apt comparison, though they don’t waste time with jamming. Les Savy Fav might be too, if that band was as good as people think they are.” – lastfm

sounds like an awesome blend of : Death From Above 1979 / Ponytail / Parts & Labor / No Age


“the label [Merge Records] announced the signing of Seattle’s Telekinesis, a project fronted by Michael Benjamin Lerner. Telekinesis!, the band’s Merge debut, will be released on April 7. The disc was written by Lerner, who also sings and plays almost every instrument on the album, and produced by Death Cab for Cutie guitarist Chris Walla. Lerner sites as an influence his love of pop from the 60s and 70s, but his songs have no shortage of indie rock immediacy.” -prefixmag

“These are big-hearted songs, written quickly and from the gut. Telekinesis is the geography of dreams; a school year abroad; love letters from Liverpool coffee shops to the Carolina coastline and Tokyo and everywhere in between everywhere; a road trip waiting to happen.” – chris walla


Ungdomskulen – Bisexual (2009)

Ungdomskulen – Cry Baby (2007)


Ungdomskulen – 7″ Trilogy (2005)

Refused – The Shape of Punk to Come: A Chimerical Bombation in 12 Bursts (1998)

 botch - an anthology of dead ends
Botch – An Anthology of Dead Ends (2002)

Every Time I Die – Hot Damn! (2003)


Between the Buried and Me – The Silent Circus (2003) 


Chiodos – All’s Well That Ends Well (2005)


Job For a Cowboy – Doom EP (2005)


The Jonbenet – Ugly / Heartless (2006)


Heavy Heavy Low Low – Everything’s Watched Everyone’s Watching (2006)


After the Burial – Forgiving A Future Self (2006)


Waking the Cadaver – Perverse Recollections of a Necromangler (2007)


garage rock / heavy metal / noise rock / lo-fi jamz

“The krewe of Knyfe Hyts formed in the summer of 2006, when current members of Ex Models, Pterodactyl, and Oneida rekindled their 14-year musical relationship with role reversal, masquerade, power play, threesome, chance, and ritualized improvisation, re-emerging as Bubo V, Gorilla Fuckingly, and Brother Minakari. Instant magic.

The debut releases Knyfe Hyts and Sword of the Lord are comprised of totally blown out stereophonic jams, captured and completed in the Knyfe Hyts signature field-recording technique and produced in what has become known as “the Knyfe Hyts sound.” By capturing the instant of a song’s genesis— even that pre-genesis moment when the elements first begin to coalesce in the ether— they are able to preserve their volcanic original activity for posterity.”  -lastfm bio

Knyfe Hyts – Self-Titled

“Climbing to New Lows — a catchy demo set from their undergrad days — will make anyone see what attracted the bigwigs at Columbia in the first place. With music and lyrics centered around innocence and sincerity…” – Tiny Mix Tapes Reviews

– the first full album release from MGMT, at the time known as The Management. The album featured some tracks from their We (Don’t) Care released in 2004.

catchy beats + mgmt vocals / electronic lofi indie dance punk = carefree happiness

MGMT – Climbing to New Lows (2005)


-a “14 minute opus / longtime fan favorite from their live shows.”

“In the psychological theory of Carl Jung, metanoia denotes a process of reforming the psyche as a form of self healing, a proposed explanation for the phenomenon of psychotic breakdown.”

MGMT – Metanoia (Single) [2008