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I hear a sound that is New and Real…
– is the opening line on “Blood Splashing”, one of two original tracks (Mars EP) produced by UK electronic sculptor Fake Blood, who uses synth sounds from the future that seem like they are magnetically rippling and tearing through your eardrums and into your life like shiny new toy…

but ya, he’s definitely found a new sound and angle in the remix economy… i hear that one fake blood.mp3 can buy you a deli sandwich or pass for a tip in an upscale restaraunt in those towns where u can still pay with a song

here’s some of his current output compiled from mp3s scattered across the blogworld/hive mind…

weirdtapesMember of Hail Social and Philadelphia native, Weird Tapes is steadily producing an interesting mix of disco tracks using carefully selected samples and cosmic beats.

Here’s some amazingly spacey trance jams for a stoned winters drive home…
The tracks Nikki, and Party Trash are an amazing combo…

find more DIYawesomeness / great music generously shared with the public for free thru Weird Tapes blog…

Get Religon

More Tapes

john maus of haunted graffiti

“John Maus already had us intrigued with his beautiful and dark OMD-like brand of synth-pop. Then we caught his intense and frenzied one-man show at South by Southwest this year [08] and were officially obsessed. Known previously as a collaborator with Ariel Pink and Panda Bear, Maus is clearly staking a claim on his own with his new album, Love Is Real. In his real life, he’s a philosophy instructor at University of Hawaii with endearingly bombastic opinions and is kinda crazy. Sigh!”
[the quote and great video-interview come from]

– Reviews of ‘Songs’ –

Apparently, Maus spent five years working on this album, which is a shame because, frankly, its awful.

There isn’t one song you could call ‘good’ on the whole album.
-Music Zine

Overall, I can’t recommend this album even as a novelty listen. Maybe I just don’t get it. It seems as if Maus sabotages practically any hint of an interesting melody, lyric, or instrumental part with a blatantly grating one at almost every turn.
-Indie Workshp

Maus’s baroquely deadpan voice – and thats being polite – effectively spoils many a song. Some will hear a little Nick Cave in it; others will hear a man crapping out of his mouth.
-Drowned in Sound

so without further ado…

WEEDS (season 4)

megadrugmix, meet the internet… eenternets/yall, meet this sweetly themed mixtapatio de drogas…

Acid Circus – Uncle Jak
Anthony Green – Drugdealer
Ariel Pink – Gettin’ High in the Mornin
Ariel Pink – Higher and Higher
Boy Crisis – Homme
Cheeseburger – Cocaine
Christing 23 Onna – Acid Now
Eric Copeland – King Tits Womb
Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (beyond the wizards sleeve remix)
Harlem – I’m on Drugs
I Got Shot in the Face – Growin Beards, Doin Drugs, and Listenin to Grind
Kynfe Hyts – Smoke the Milk
Lucky Dragons – Blunt
Thieves Like Us – Drugs in My Body
Van She – So High
Wavves – Weed Demon
YACHT – So Post Em All (Salvia in the club Remix)

ya, um, just for the record, drugsrbad m’kay… stay in school…
[link] drukqz’N’maibodErowndlayTtoothouzninaatishmickszz [get its]

[cribbed from]
Formed in January of 2008 in Brooklyn NY this glam influenced rock band features former members of Diamond Nights, Lions & Tigers, Nebula, Heavy Hands and Stylofone. The group released its debut demo EP, “Infinite Fucking Cross”, as a free Internet download in July of 2008, with plans afoot for a full length in 2009.


[from lastfm]
Del Close and John Brent were a comedy team who recorded the 1959 beatnik parody album How To Speak Hip for Chicago based Mercury Records.

Later on Close befriended, worked with, and quite often did copious amounts of drugs with the likes of Lenny Bruce, Wavy Gravy, the Grateful Dead, and the Merry Pranksters. As director of Chicago’s infamous Second City improv troupe, Close mentored and inspired many of the country’s greatest comedic talents including John Belushi, Bill Murray and Chris Farley before his death in 1999. His life and work are documented in a biography called “Guru”.

i prefer twins

i prefer twins

here’s a bunch of tracks by bands so nice, they named em twice

!!! – All My Heroes Are Weirdos
Aa – Manshake
attack attack! – shred white and blue
Chin Up Chin Up – Blankets Like Beavers
Destroy Destroy Destroy – Seduced By The Locrian Temptress
Destroyer Destroyer – Littered With Arrows

[ Giraffes Giraffes – I Am S/H(im)e[r] As You Am S/H(im)e[r] As You Are Me And We Am I And I Are All Our Together/Our Collective Consciousness’ Psychogenic Fugue ]

Heavy Heavy Low Low – i forgot 2 and a half days
Kiss Kiss – Shits in Suits
Man Man – Young Einstein On The Beach
Mirror Mirror – Fellow Countrymen Hear Me Roar
Mother Mother – Wrecking Ball
Takka Takka – Everybody Say
Talk Talk – Ascension Day
Tapes n’ Tapes – The Illiad
Xiu Xiu – Save Me Save Me
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sealings