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“… is an American avant-garde metal band from Shreveport, Louisiana, formed in 2007. Their musical style is considered experimental metal due to their use of frequent genre changes within songs, including jazz, swing, and electronica, but primarily metalcore. They have released one EP and one full-length album, and have toured with Winds of Plague, The Human Abstract, Sea of Treachery, and See You Next Tuesday.” -wikipedia

“…the spastic blending of genres maintains a cohesive sound that draws in listeners from many musical worlds. Love it or hate it – as long as they get a strong reaction to their music, the members of this band will feel that they have done their duty.”

“The IWABO overall aesthetic is all things radical. They are heading in down a trail they are blazing themselves – with twists and turns of their own creation. Due to their powerful live show and commitment to making sure every single fan knows how much they are truly appreciated, the more people who are exposed to the IWABO experience, the more new fans they will amass.” – century media records

air waves

>> Favorite New Band
Air Waves
“Nicole Schneit is an amazing songwriter. The music she writes is like a favorite blanket wrapped around you. Drummer Dave Ferraro complements her songs well. “Shine On” is my current favorite song by them.” -dan deacon

“The Air Waves’ self-titled five song EP is quite simply a lovely collection of melodic tunes, upbeat guitar, and endearing vocals. The album feels earnestly clean and elemental (the band cites clouds and water as influences and it actually comes through). But the Brooklyn based trio embodies more than just a few naturally occurring compounds; their vibe is something along the lines of Beach House and Neil Young with some Pixies thrown in the mix. Overall, the band’s lo-fi rock is musically and lyrically smooth.

Nicole Schneit is a tactile writer; her lyrics inhabit intimacy and linger in the realm of scent, sounds, sleep, and touch. The band’s voice is authentic throughout the album. Tracks like Gems and Kingdom are dreamy and lethargic while Shine On and Lightening are peppy and up beat. Schneit’s songwriting momentum is derived from her ability to sow together a collage of simple statements and small movements into an impression of the story; like a picture painted with watercolors, where the edges and lines are obscured.

The last song entitled Keys is the highlight of the album. The track is smooth upbeat rocker about the inevitable passing of youth and acknowledgment of the trials old age can bring; Schneit declares there is a sound in every sound. Ultimately Air Waves feels like the back track to an over exposed home movie, tripping through muted scenes of running time, a familiar embrace tinged with that delicate melancholy of memory.”

sir richard bishop
middle eastern, flamenco, gypsy, fingerpicking, instrumental, experimental

“Richard Bishop was a founding member (along with brother Alan) of Ethnic-Improv pioneers and DIY tricksters Sun City Girls, who during their 26-year reign had over 50 full length albums, plus over 20 one-hour cassettes and a dozen 7” records. That being said, Richard has spent more than a quarter century perplexing, amazing, and alienating audiences exactly as planned. In early 2005, Richard (as Sir Richard Bishop) began extensive touring as a solo artist, performing throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States. Though the good Sir is known mostly for his acoustic playing, he has been using electric guitars in his most recent solo performances. Sir Richard’s guitar explorations often reflect the shadow worlds of India, North Africa and the Middle East, and other points along the Gypsy trail, though many strange and experimental forms have crept into the live shows as of late.”

“Bishop’s latest record, The Freak of Araby, was released by Drag City in 2009. This one features 5 original pieces and 5 traditional Middle Eastern songs all with electric guitar, bass and percussion.” – his myspace


“Wonderfully well-made psych-soul productions from Bullion, combining chopped-up digitised hip hop with an ear for warped pop narratives. The EP’s title track leads the way with disorientatingly high levels of compression and sliced-up, pitch-scrambled samples. For all its eccentricities the production retains a solid song-like focus, maintaining a heavy duty beat in the process. Another EP highlight is the gauzy, altered-state disco of ‘Time For Us All To Love’, which has a magical Boards Of Canada-visit-Studio 54 feel. Highly recommended.” –


The first EP from ?JeSTEr?, an Italian trio born in 2007 from ashes of ElfoGuelfo and TallGuy, already toured Italy and followed several stoner-rock bands in USA and Europe during 2008. Offering a unique indie-rock sound which embraces psychedelic atmospheres, bold heavy distorted bass guitar lines, catchy and powerful vocals,garage-punk to sludge, they are one of the most original and creative bands on the Italian scene. 

u guys wanna get high and listen to a sick tribal drumming group from baltimore? this is a recent question i find hard to say no to… i’ve been hooked on these guys for a ‘go-to’, trance-out, herbally-enhanced jamband ever since i saw them open for dan deacon… i was determined to crack into this bands’ genius, and knew it would be equally heady/psychedelic/revolutionary since they were dan deacons’ supporting ensemble/tourmates… anyways, it rules and has infinite replay value… they remind me of yeasayer -vocals, +drone… sort of eastern swirly psych-grooves that shake and shift and mutate to the collective’s improvisational whims… it has the power to mesmerize/sedate/hypnotize… perfect for reading/dreaming/beinghi/replacingsilence/…

” You’ve heard this one before: A group of young (and more than likely college-educated) white people get together, pile instruments in a heap, and share a one-track mind to home, sweet, Om. Teeth Mountain’s mixed-bag lineup doesn’t re-invent the drum circle, but its members–listed as Andrew Burt, Andrew Bernstein, Greg Fox, Greg St. Pierre, Max Eisenberg, Max Eilbacher, Kate Levitt, Grace Bedwell, and Owen Gardner here, not all of whom played on the recording–do it with a sincere appreciation for the woollier end of late-’60s radicalism. Think long-robed cults coming for your children…

…this LP bristles with the meandering abandon of fretful discovery… Teeth Mountain navigates a rhythmic journey through steady-pounding floor toms, space-travel cello drones, and some cosmic-dust dashes of guitars or woodwinds or noisemakers or some other hand-powered sound source. “Black Jerusalem” and “Keinsein” vibrate with reeds ghosts and goblins floating through the background, while “Soft Beast” sounds inspired from any moment off that levitating Velvet Underground bootleg 1966, the one that’s nothing but two side-long instrumental slabs…

…the ‘doing it because it feels good right now’ vibe may be what makes Teeth Mountain such a woozy intoxicant. This is the sort of music that makes people reach for words such as “tribal,” “primitive,” and whatever so-called “exotic” world music is in fashion that hour, but Teeth Mountain couldn’t be more urban and Western if it was making hip-hop. Amorphous, wordless instrumental stew is the basic stock for group disquietude. And while the Baltimore zeitgeist right now may have not formally organized Ausser-Parlamentarische Opposition arm just yet– something about Teeth Mountain’s out-of-body aspirations reek of shared disillusionment, and once the many brains camping out on this mountain begin to see where they want to take their mettle, once they decide to trade the skinny jeans for the leather jacket and start designing guerrilla insignias, watch out. ” -BaltimoreCityPaper

house / progressive / electro / psychedelic trance

“Fast Forward to the Future. Psychedelic trance takes a big leap Forward with this stunning release from oCeLoT. 9 lives, 9 tracks, 1 crazy cat…this stuff is hypnotic to the max. Follow each twist and turn as you probe deeper into the unconscious psyche than ever before. Sophisticated and sexy grooves suck you into a world of shimmering surreal textures, alien melodies, with a compelling drive that won’t let go. The clarity of sound quality will delight your ears. The sheer intensity and depth of this music will shock and stimulate your brain. This is music to awaken the mind. Your neurons will leap to attention. This is the ultimate antidote for the retro malaise. Screw the 80’s! This is the next generation of trance music.” –

harlem free drugs
hometown: covered in bbq sauce in austin texas / influences: the only band we like is nirvana. the only album we like is nevermind. the only song we like is smells like teen spirit.

some of Austins’ finest homegrown, catchy-as-fuck garage rock / lofi indie rocknroll… in the future everyone will enjoy Free Drugs…

“…iiiii think you’re beautiful and very smart.”